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Greg Kurth

Greg Kurth, studio owner, began his professional career in the ballroom dance industry in 1993 with The Fred Astaire Dance Studios located in Naples, FL. He received his training under the guidance of James & Tammy Clemens, Regional and National champions in American Smooth and Latin Dancing. After completing his training, Greg continued to work as an instructor in ballroom dance with James and Tammy and The Fred Astaire Studio network until 1996.

Because of his expertise in dancing, Greg was recruited by an independent school in Fort Myers, FL. where he remained for eight years, both as studio manager and senior instructor. It was during this period of time that Greg opted to enter the competitive circuit in American rhythm with his professional partner, Kim Roberts. They traveled extensively throughout Florida and various other areas of the country, competing in the Rising Star Open Rhythm division. After competing for a number of years, Greg and Kim decided to resume their own personal training in order to further develop and expand upon their professional skills in other areas of dance. Greg began to train extensively with specialists in all categories of ballroom dance such as Forrest Vance - 8 time undefeated Rhythm Champion, Chantal LeClerc - 7 time undefeated Canadian 10 Dance Champion, James Willard - 2006 International Standard Champion and Tommy DiTomasso & Lynn Kowamotto - 2006 Rising Star Rhythm Champions.

From the onset of his career, Greg always knew that he would eventually realize his dream of establishing his own studio where he would be able to apply his own, unique style to the art of ballroom dance and apply a methodology that inspires students to explore and learn far beyond what they envision for themselves. Rhythm In Motion is the actualization of Greg’s dream.

It has always been Greg’s belief that anyone can learn to dance. As he so aptly puts it, “the hardest step any person will ever take is walking into a ballroom dance studio for the first time”.

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